The industrial side of Central Cal Metals derives from our job shop roots by supplying a variety of parts to many industries. Central Cal Metals is taking great strides in our cutting and forming processes to deliver high quality parts with precision accuracy. In order to stay on the leading edge, Central Cal Metals invests heavily into tooling and machines in order to give our customers the best quality. The most recent investments are in Central Cal Metals’ forming department and its newly added waterjet department.

The forming department has added two new Cincinnati press brakes. These additions allow Central Cal Metals to increase forming accuracy and cut down on set up time. Central Cal Metals can offer samples and first parts with efficiency. With the addition of Wilson precision press brake tooling, Central Cal Metals has quick set up times, increased accuracy with streamlined repeatability. Central Cal Metals’ sectionalized tooling and standard common shut height makes staged bending quick and efficient.

The Waterjet department has expanded Central Cal Metals’ material cutting range. No longer is Central Cal Metals’ primary focus metal fabrication. With the addition of multiple Flow Mach 3 waterjetsCentral Cal Metals cuts a variety of materials including composites, copper, glass, granite, plastic, rubber and wood up to 6 inches thick.

The industrial side, where the work gets done. Central Cal Metals is the job shop that keeps getting better.