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Fiber laser: Currently all lasers located at Central Cal Metals are Fiber Optics Lasers equipped with load and unload systems. 

Waterjet: Highly recommended when parts will be machined after being cut.  Waterjet parts do not have heat affected zones like on lasers or plasmas.  This is ideal for the Aerospace, where the molecular structure of the material can not change.  Waterjets can cut up to 7 in thick of almost any material.

Saw: Mainly used for channels and tubbing

Shearing: Is an efficient way to cut large sheets.  Accuracy is not nearly as precise as laser or waterjet cutting and can only be used when straight cuts are required.


When parts start to warp after they are cut they are run through a machine that flattens them.  This process is perfect for parts with lots of holes or when the stress in material causes it to bow or warp after it has been cut.


 Edge Round: Is a process where sharp corners are taken off the top and bottom cut edges of parts.  This is important in the food processing industries and when parts are being painted.  This process allows for paint to stick on the corners and helps reducs cuts when handling parts.

Grain:  Small parts up to 9” wide can be grained with a circular random pattern.  Usually this is done to copper, brass, alum or stainless to add an extra look.  If a number 4 finish is required this can also be accomplished by graining parts. 

Deburr:  If there is dross from cutting, deburring machines uses belts to sand the dross off.  By deburring with a machine Central Cal Metals is able to get an even finish vs. using hand grinders that will sometimes take off more material by accident.


In order to have a more accurate formed product, Central Cal Metals uses precision ground tooling and press brakes that automatically correct for crowing issues.  With an inventory of goosenecks and punch radius most parts can be formed.


Part Marking:  Is an ideal way to identify parts. 

  Is done with drill presses as well as flex arms that can efficiently move around large parts.

Is primarily accomplished with drill presses.

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